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  • Massage

    Massage relaxes the mind, soothes and comforts, lifts up emotions and increases positive feelings.

Massage is a healing technique which has been around for thousands of years and developed independently in many different cultures and countries all over the world. The abundance of health promoting benefits, on a psychological as well as physiological level, explains the continuous success and presence of massage therapy.

Reducing stress, pain, muscle soreness and tension, improving blood & lymph circulation, energy levels and alertness, lowering blood pressure, enhancing immune function and of course increasing relaxation are only a few of the positive effects of a massage treatment.

Thai Massage

Unlike in other massage modalities, the client remains fully dressed, preferably in loose cotton clothing such as t-shirt and sweat pants. The client lies on a mat on the floor and relaxes while the therapist rocks, pulls and stretches the client's body and administers rhythmic compression to the muscles. Because the therapist guides the client's body through a series of stretches that are similar to the shapes of postures one would find oneself in a yoga session, Thai Massage is often referred to as "yoga for the lazy man/woman".

Holistic Swedish Relaxation Massage

This is probably the „classic massage“ in our western eye: Using a nourishing massage oil on bare skin with rhythmic flowing strokes, kneading techniques and friction over-worked and fatigued bodies and minds are being released and relaxed. 

Thai Foot Massage

Working with similar principles as reflexology Thai Foot Massage covers the feet and lower legs. A combination of fluid stroking movements, ankle manipulation & pressure application with hands, fingers, knuckles and a rounded wooden Thai Foot Massage stick help to release tension in the body, increase joint mobility and promote relaxation. It is said to stimulate specific organs by applying pressure to the corresponding reflex points which has a detoxifying effect on both body and mind.

Prenatal Massage

One of the important aspects for mummy-to-be is to connect with the new life that is growing within her. Receiving a massage is a beautiful opportunity for finding that peaceful and relaxing space to bond with the unborn baby.  Additionally a massage may help to relax mum's tense muscles, enhance the flow of blood and lymph, reduce pregnancy-typical fluid retention in the legs, soothe nerves and reduce anxiety. Preparing the body for the birth process, assisting  to acknowledge and honor her changing body, as well as nourishing her self-esteem are some of the many benefits massage treatments can provide.   

Lisa is having her practice room at Hotel Colosseo (Wiestistrasse 120, Zermatt, Website-link below) 

and is looking forward to welcome you there for the massage treatment of your choice. 

Please make sure you book in advance: contact me via phone or E-mail.

Treatment Pricing

25 min    |   from 75,- CHF

50 min    |   from 130,- CHF

80 min    |   from 190,- CHF