• About Lisa

Lisa Regine Schulz

My journey of self-discovery started far away from home when I had finally left my comfort-zone and traveled other countries. The adventures and magical encounters experienced on those travels opened my eyes to new possibilities. I turned away from the conventional path I was about to pursue back in Germany and instead went on the road again. I tried lots of "new things": massage techniques and yoga were amongst them.

Having always been a very tactile person I felt more and more drawn towards bodywork. As a teenager I used to fill my spare time with dancing and later could find a similar joy and freedom of expression especially in yoga again. Instead of music my breath would now show me the rhythm to move to… It took me a few more years though to realise that I wanted to make those newly discovered interests an actual profession. Later the beautiful art of aerial dance, then also pilates, aerial & acro yoga became part of the tool kit.  After having lived, loved and worked on the beautiful green North Island of New Zealand for Nine years I eventually have returned  to Europe in 2019 and am since then learning, deepening & sharing knowledge here. Currently I am residing in and amongst the breathtaking mountains of the Swiss Alps.

Lisa´s Journey