"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."
                                                                                            Friedrich Nietzsche

Bodwise - Moving Well is offering a range of body therapies:

Shifting awareness back into the body and helping one re-gain confidence in self through massage and various movement classes such as yoga, pilates, aerial yoga and aerial silk. The connection between body and mind is well-established and using the tools the mentioned modalities provide help to unwind, quiet the mind´s chatter, boost immunity & tune in with a source of strength that lays within each and every one of us. In these fast-paced times with an increase of stress & burn out syndrome it is even more important to find opportunities of relaxation, calm and to turn to the world inside. Work-life balance, prevention and mindfulness are the key terms in order to find a healthy path throughout this busy modern world.

"As a trained massage therapist, yoga, pilates & aerial silk instructor I want to  contribute to healthier, happier and more caring communities in which individuals grow awareness for their body, mind and environment in a wholesome and balanced way. "

                                                   Lisa Schulz, Founder of Bodywise Moving Well