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  • Body Awareness

    Learn through your body!


Often our bodies reveal much more about our mental and emotional well-being and the environment we are living in than we might suspect. It is a matter of "tuning in", learning how to read what the body is trying to communicate to us and then to make a healthy decision from there. The connection between body and mind had been established thousands of years ago and after centuries of negligence it is finally being acknowledged by modern society again. Bodywise Moving Well is aiming to help you re-gain a healthy balance between body and mind, and find holistic well-being by raising awareness through movement. Let's start to listen again!

Getting your body in motion with:

Aerial Dance Fitness

Wanting to improve general strength, fitness, flexibility & body awareness in a fun new way? Come and learn how to dance in the silks: „I can’t do that“ is a myth! Learning how to climb and wrap the vertically hanging fabric around the body, swing, spin and safely drop into it sure is a satisfying challenge. And it looks so pretty!


Also referred to as „contrology“ this mind-body exercise system is working with following six principles: concentration, control, center, flow, precision and breathing all contribute towards building strength, improving flexibility, balance & posture in a safe and mindful way throughout the movement practice.

Aerial Yoga

This movement practice combines traditional yoga poses, pilates & aerial dance with the use of a hammock. With the support of the fabric-loop otherwise challenging inversions are easily accessible and the spine can decompress. Of course, many other benefits like increasing general strength & flexibility are to be found here too.

Lisa is currently holding aerial yoga classes at Echo Fitness, 

in Bahnhofstrasse 38, 3920 Zermatt. 

WEDNESDAY 11.15 - 12.15 am

Check out their entire schedule & book your session there:

Acro Yoga

Strength-focused dynamics of acrobatics, elements of Yoga and Thai massage are combined in a very playful practice that trains body awareness, balance, flexibility, self-confidence, taking responsibility and growing trust in oneself and others. Whether flying or basing, it is always a fun challenge.