Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind

In my yoga classes I like to facilitate a space for a yoga practice which is accessible to everyone. I leave it up to each individual where to take their practice to: For some it might be a more physical approach, others mental or emotional while some might want to work on a spiritual level. Each session generally consists of a centering exercise in the beginning, followed by warm-up, asana work, breathing and relaxation/meditation in the end. My main concern is that students stay safe as they go through different asana (postures). I personally love to integrate elements of other movement systems (like pilates, feldenkrais or dance) when I instruct.

Winterseason 2023/ 24: 

Lisa is holding a weekly Yoga class on Wednesday at lunchtime, 12.15-1.15pm at Luxury Residence Colosseo (Wiestistrasse 122, 3920 Zermatt). 

Investement: 25,- CHF per class or 130,- CHF for a 6-class pass

To register please contact me under +41 77 231 48 32 or send an 

E-mail to info@bodywise-movingwell.com.

You can book me for group sessions or one-on-one classes:

Please, contact me and we can discuss group size, setting, class time frame and prizing. I will tailor the sessions according to your needs.

Group Sessions


Lunchtime Session

Inhale love. 
Exhale gratitude.