Massage treatments for the mamas-to-be

Pregnancy is a very special time in the life of a woman, whether carrying the first, second, third or tenth child within her belly. It is a time of enormous changes: physically, emotionally and mentally. Mainly due to the intensity of hormonal effects facilitating the natural process of pregnancy the pregnant woman can observe a huge range of changes within her body and mind. This can be very exciting and this can be a little bit scary and overwhelming from time to time. Of course, it is helpful to have a network of loving family, friends and other supportive people/groups close by aiding through this miraculous but somewhat turbulent period

One of the important aspects for mummy-to-be is to connect with the new life that is growing within her. Receiving a massage is a beautiful opportunity for finding that peaceful and relaxing space to bond with the unborn baby. 

Additionally a massage may help to relax mum's tense muscles, enhance the flow of blood and lymph, reduce pregnancy-typical fluid retention in the legs, soothe nerves and reduce anxiety. Preparing the body for the birth process, assisting  to acknowledge and honor her changing body, as well as nourishing her self-esteem are some of the many benefits massage treatments can provide.   

Massage during pregnancy with Bodywise

As a massage therapist it is a privilege to work with a pregnant woman and be part of this wonderment of life. Massage fits greatly into the pregnancy wellness regime and can be a highly beneficial treatment for both, mother and the unborn child if performed with special consideration. Baby's and mum's well-being and safety are our foremost  priority and will be met with extra care and duty. In order to eliminate any unnecessary risks we recommend to gain clearance for massage from your GP, midwife or specialist prior to the sessions. 

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