Yoga Classes with Lisa

"In my yoga classes I like to facilitate a space for a yoga practice which is accessible to everyone. I leave it up to each individual where to

take their practice to: For some it might be a more physical approach, others mental or emotional while some might want to work on a

spiritual level. Each session generally consists of a centering exercise in the beginning, followed by warm-up, asana work, breathing

 and relaxation/meditation in the end. My main concern is that students stay safe as they go through different asana postures. 

 I personally love to integrate elements of other movement systems (like pilates, feldenkrais or dance) when I instruct." 

You can book Lisa for 60 min or 90 min group classes. One-on-one sessions are also possible. She can as well come into your office and  facilitate a little 20-40 min lunchtime session for your work staff.

Class Fees:

60 min or 90 min group session by agreement

60min 1-on-1  70 €

lunch-time office class by agreement